Sunday, August 17, 2008

Diamond Dew Drops

Finally found this picture to post again. I was leaving the house one day and when I turned the curve the sunlight was shining on this web as though diamonds were hanging on it-quite a sight to see, simple and beautiful. Photo taken December 19, 2007.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Cards this week

Back to making cards and enjoying it again. Only making what I need for right now and popping them in the mail quickly. Here are two of my latest creations.

Passing of time and other things

From March to August is a long time to not be around my blog, I've looked at it, didn't know what to say then moved away from it for a time. To lose my Daddy in April has been hard. I know I'm not the only person but I'm not really worried about others now, it's about me and my hurt. Days go by and I smile, days come upon me and tears come for no reason except it hurts. I like the smiling best. The grandchild I will never see is hard for me but it's harder for my daughter and her husband and that hurts me more as I can't 'fix' it for them or take away the hurt. She is doing better, I'm doing better so I believe the world will go on. I believe my Daddy is rocking that precious child and singing one of the songs he used to sing to us. He will take care of this baby so well, thank you Daddy.

I plan to start back to blogging and posting pictures of artwork, animals, things I like and idle chatter, too. More to come on this adventure.