Saturday, August 8, 2009

It All Started...

...on June 3, 1944 in a double wedding with best friends, Bettie Ann and Casey and Charles and Jane, later to be known as Jeff and Peep, getting married at Trinity Methodist Church in Sumter, South Carolina-Peep's home church. They were blessed with 4 children, daughter, Jane, and sons, Chuck, Wayne and John. Then you have 11 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and 1 great, great grandchild. Luck has really been with them.
Ashley Claire, my daughter, and I hosted a party for Peep and Jeff's 65 years, 1 month and 29 day anniversary at Ash and Jude's house. They have a wonderful house and 'outdoor kitchen' to entertain in with a large inside space with full facilities and a covered outdoor area with plenty of tables and swings and comfy seating. There is also a pool but no one wanted to swim. (It's not an 'outdoor' kitchen, just what they call their entertainment area and where they watch football when not attending the games of their favorite team-New Orleans Saints).
Family and close friends came and enjoyed much laughter, great conversation, entertainment by the boys-Chuck, Wayne and John telling tales of growing up and their escapades-and some fabulous food.
It was an honor and privilege to help do this for two exceptional people, ones I truly treasure.

Peep and Jeff-Jane and Charles-the reason for the celebration.
The invitation for the party-address and phone numbers have been deleted for this entry.

Let's get this party started-dips, chips, relish tray, snacks-many delicious things got the party started.

John-the youngest, Chuck, who is mine and the oldest boy, and Wayne-the middle boy having tasty snacks and stories.

Jimmie, Angie and Peep chatting and catching up.

Ashley Claire and Jude listening to many conversations at once, Wayne to the side involved in another chat.

Enormous pretzels and small mints were the first gift opened from daughter and son-in-law who didn't attend.

The Waterford basket in motion from Jimmie.

...a Waterford picture frame from Ashley, Jude and LolaMae.
...even more Waterford in motion from Chuck and I. We just hope she puts these pieces to good use and doesn't just 'wave' them around.

Outside with tasty brisket, chicken, sausage, beans, rice dressing, potato salad, slaw and buttery garlic bread-YUM! Near table is Wayne, John, Jimmie, and Abby. The back table you can see Angie, Jeff, and Chuck. No tablecloths and the candles weren't lit-too much wind, but white tablecloths, small blue candleholders, white candles, and blue beads had been set out on the tables and the chairs accented with blue bows. We had tried to add sapphire blue streamers but the wind was just too much, the thought was there!

'Jeff, Jeff, come sit down and see this beautiful cake.'

'Wait, I'm getting hugs from LolaMae.'

The Happy Couple

Sitting pretty-telling something very important to all.

Peep's version of 'getting intimate'-her words not mine! This is one funny lady.

telling even more stories

Party place! Outdoor kitchen cover in background.
LolaMae and her party dress.

Catching up on 'news' -Jimmie, Angie and Peep with Chuck standing in the background.

This is another granddaughter, Abby, who belongs to John who came to the party but couldn't bring her 3 children. I believe she had been listening to Peep, Angie, and Jimmie telling tales here and then was nearby for the gifts.

Party favors-fans decorated with ribbons, wedding cake charms, words of inspiration to help with the extreme heat and humidity. Hand-decorated candy boxes filled with Godiva chocolates and the second of the pair of doves-candy doesn't need to have a reason to be there and Godiva chocolates never need a reason for anything!