Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Long Day to Deal With

Going to see your Daddy and Momma should have an element of fun or joy in it, and in the big sense of the world it did have the fun and joy of seeing them together.Daddy wasn't quite sure of who Momma was but was glad she was there to sit with him. He smiled when Donna and I brought in his hot plate of cornbread dressing, turkey, green peas with carrots. He ate a few bites of turkey and maybe a bite of dressing and some of his Coke and he was done, that was all he wanted.Momma came back maybe 30 minutes later and we all chatted for a bit. Later Donna, Pat and I went to Momma's house to have our turkey dinner and discuss the talk I had with Momma earlier-Daddy being admitted into the nursing home part of the hospital on Monday, March 10, 2008 . This has been one of my tougher days and I can look out and see more coming my way. I feel scared, but I know I will have support and be able to get a handle on it. Thankfully I just replenished the Kleenex -a needful thing. I'm lucky to have had Momma and Daddy healthy for so very long.
Photo from April 2007 in their backyard at home, almost a year before this story took place.

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