Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To finish last year or start over now!?

I had ended by saying I would start back blogging and posting photos and finally today, January 7 , 2009 I've done that.My family and I made it through birthdays without Daddy, Thanksgiving without him and Christmas without his physical presense, but he was so with us and I know will continue to be, I'm thankful for that. We were able to cry some hard tears when looking at photos and then when looking again we had some good stories and some great laughs, I like those best.
We also had our 2 sons come for a weekend with their children and one wife and my in-laws came too to see the children. We have some very pretty kids if I do say so. Charles and LilyAnne who is 18 months old came first and were just delightful, kids that age are just fun, fast but fun. She was shown how quickly ornaments will come off the tree and that when chased giggling is pretty much required by all. She is such a happy child with curly hair that gives her an impish look.
Loren, Cari and Alexcia,8, and Jansen, 3, came the next day and the race was on! Three year olds are BUSY all time. Alexcia is such a sweet patient child and quite the beauty-can you hear granny pride in this anywhere! Jansen is a doll, who looks so much like his Daddy did at that age, gorgeous skin tones and sparkling mischievous eyes that need no words.
Our daughter, Ashley and her husband, Jude came over the first night for a visit with Charles and LilyAnne and were excited to have her to themselves and the play started, it didn't take long before the tree didn't look quiet the same, remember me mentioning how the ornaments could be eased off the tree amid laughter!!! Such fun.
Peep and Jeff, my in-laws were delighted to be able to visit as they see the children maybe once a year or year and a half. Their visit was very special and pictures were taken to remember it by.
Now it's the new year, we have survived the head, throat, chest, ear invasions and now just cough at times and have the weakness that goes with it. That too will soon be over because I
see a road trip coming up-Mesquite ScrapandStamp Convention and my friend has us both signed up-yippee! She signs us up, I drive and we get there in due time. I'm sure we will spend some money and learn some new things and come home and make everything possible-NOT-or at least we never have. Bought the things, yes, leaned some things, yes, do them later, I think probably not!
That's it for my catching up for now. Who knows, I may remember something that y'all need to know and I would hate for y'all to miss something I know, wouldn't be right.


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