Friday, April 17, 2009

What's Happening of Late

I have made a few cards lately when I had to, can't seem to get into the swing of things. I think I want to do something and just can not get my mind around it. I will sit at my table and look around and that's it. Zip, zero, zilch. Maybe later.

I did make it through the one year since my Daddy passed and it was easier in ways and hard as hell too. I think the sadness of not seeing him again is what is the hardest part but knowing he is ok where he is a very good part. Enough.

I finally have a picture of my daughter and her husband to post, I had some but none she wanted me to use-girls! I took some pictures of Ashley Claire and Jude and his sister, Kathy, her partner, Nicole, their 22-month old Brayden, and Ben, Jude and Kathy's baby brother last weekend. It's spring and outdoor pictures need to be made and Grandmothers need pictures! Here is one of Ash and Jude and their 'daughterdog' LolaMae Dupuy who is wearing her Easter dress of shades of pink ruffles and just a few sparkles and a lovely bow to accent the back. Three small ruffles adorned the front neckline and her lime green 'diamond' studded collar was the perfect jewelry!

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